Saturday 13 June 2015

Restaurant review #1 Franco Manca London, and their famous sour dough pizza.

DO YOU LOVE PIZZA? Yes? well then, Franco Manca is an unmissable choice. As promised I would bring you low cost meals, well, if you fancy going out for a bite to eat, but are strapped for cash, Franco Manca is absolutely perfect for you.

The pizza's are the best I've tasted from anywhere I've eaten out, and even more amazing, their prices never surpass £8. I think it's the dough that does it, I can promise you'll never have eaten dough so soft, delicious and bouncy. The sour Dough is risen for 20 hours at least, and then cooked in a wood burning 'Tufae' oven which are built on site, by specialist Artisan Naples (Lord knows how they came across them, but they've done a wonderful job!).

The restaurants are small and rustic, but that gives them a bustling energetic atmosphere, perfect for friends in their twenties to have delicious pizza without breaking the bank. PLUS, the toppings are wonderful. I opted for the 'meat special', as oppose to the veggie choice, which consisted of sweet potato, home-made chorizo, sun dried tomato and rosemary, and oooh la la it was incredible.

They have restaraunts in Brixton, Balham, Westfield, Chiswick, Northcote, and Broadway Market. I honestly believe they are worth getting a few tube stops for. You won't be disappointed, and if, for some reason you are, you haven't lost a lot, paying only six quid for a pizza! They also offer home-made lemonade and juices, and a variety of interesting beers to drink, as well as wine. My mouth is watering just thinking about them.

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