Thursday 3 September 2015

Dinner Post #4 Pan Fried Cod, Braised Red Cabbage, Rosemary and Parmesan Polenta Chips.

Howdy Hi. Here is another, nutritious, delicious and low cost meal which is set to wow. I cooked this for my other half for mid-week supper, post circuit training and he loved it. I must say, it's delicious and using polenta instead of potatoes is an interesting twist!

You could say, it's a posh fish and chips, minus the batter, mushy peas, and deep fried potato chips (so hardly traditional) instead using braised red cabbage, polenta and fresh cod fillets. It doesn't take a lot of time to concoct, however the Polenta needs 2-3 hours to set, and the cabbage needs about an hour to braise.

The quantities below suit 2 people, so treat your significant other to a fabulous meal this weekend, and bring the restaurant home in order to save those all important pennies.

 PLUS for those who are watching the waist line, or trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, Polenta is a fantastic choice. A texture which is just as luxurious as the potato, but far lower in Carbs, rich in Vitamin A and C, and only 73 Kcals per half a cup serving.

2 Cod Fillets 
1/2 Red Cabbage 
1/2 cup of Quick Cup Polenta/Corn Meal (plus extra for coating) 
1/2 Glass Red Wine 
2 Table Spoons Worcester Sauce 
Handful of Fresh, chopped, Rosemary 
70-100g of Grated  Parmesan (depending on how cheesy you want your chips) 
Clove of Garlic (minced)
Olive Oil 
Knob of Butter 


1)First, the Polenta. Add your half a cup of Polenta to a pan, and pop it onto a medium heat. Boil a kettle of Water and add a little bit of water every few seconds, ensuring you whisk or beat the Polenta continuously. This prevents a lumpy consistency. You need to keep adding water for about 2 minutes and cook for about 4 minutes, until the consistency is that of thick gloopy mashed Potato, and bubbles are forming at the edges. 
2) Take the Polenta off the heat, and add your Cheese and Rosemary. 
3.) Line a square baking tray with Olive Oil, and pour your Polenta mix in. Flatten it down, so it's smooth, and about an inch thick, (as below). 

4. Put the Polenta in the fridge to set. Now for the Cabbage. Shred your cabbage, whilst heating some olive oil in a pan. Add your cabbage and soften for 10 minutes. Then, add the Wine, Worcester Sauce and Garlic to the pan, along with a dash of water, salt and pepper. Place a lid on top, and let it simmer away on a low heat for around an hour, or until soft. It can sit there and be re-heated later when you're ready to eat, the flavours just get better with time.
5) When the time comes to actually prepare your meal, take the set Polenta out of the fridge and turn it out onto a board. Slice it into fat chunky chip shapes. Set the oven at 190 degrees C/Gas Mark 5. 
6) Whilst the oven heats up, brush Olive Oil over your polenta chips and coat them in a dusting of uncooked Polenta, to give a crispy crunchy coasting. Place them onto a greased baking tray, and bake for around 30 mins, ensuring you turn them over half way through, for even crunch!
7) The fish takes minutes to cook, so you want to be cooking the fish in the last 10 minutes before your Polenta Chips are ready. Season both sides of the Cod, and heat a pan with a generous glug of Olive Oil.
8) Place your fish, skin side down and cook for 4 minutes. After around 2 minutes add a large knob of Butter to the pan, and begin basting the fleshy side of the cod.
9) After 4 minutes, the skin should be crispy and coloured, so turn the fish over so it's flesh side down, and cook for a further 3 minutes in the butter and oil. It should be golden, but moist in the middle, and the flesh should flake away in easy chunks. 
10) Re-heat your cabbage for a minute or so and use that as a base for the dish, piling your fish and Polenta chips on top! Delish! 

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