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For me, little in life beats food. I'll never be able to negotiate my mind around those who eat for fuel rather without enjoying each and every morsel on their plate. Food is delicious, social, exciting, enticing, varied, cultural and so much more than an every day necessity, (for me anyway). I know that i've come across as someone that has some sort of addiction to food and perhaps that may be mildly true, but let's face it, it's bloody good when someone serves you something up that's scrumptious. The type of dinner that makes you feel genuine sadness when it's coming to an end - that's when you know food is a true joy. Pair that sort of meal with a wine that only makes it taste better and in the words of Mrs. M Berry 'Life doesn't get much better than that'. 

Whilst food preference is as subjective as an eclectic taste in music, my blog will hopefully provide a few hints, tips, ideas, foodie visits, wine pairings and, of course, recipes for you to enjoy, from the best ever mushrooms on toast to a banquet fit for impressing the foodiest of your friends, i'll try and cover the lot! 

Charlie x 


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