Tuesday 11 February 2014

Ingredients Post #1 :Clever Store Cupboard = Clever Cooking!

I believe a well stocked store cupboard is the key to successful and delicious meals. I like to keep ingredients which can be used for different types of food from different countries. My main sections are; Italian, Asian (Chinese and Japanese), Indian and Mexican. So, let me teach you the secret of ingredients! It also means that if you keep your stock cupboard well filled, you spend less money having to buy all the ingredients from scratch when you find a new recipe to cook. Your cuisine will be easier and more economical! 


Dried Red Chillies (you can also buy fresh chilli, and freeze them, they defrost in seconds when it comes to cooking, Madras Curry Powder, Cumin Seeds, Ground Coriander,Mustard Seeds,Chilli Powder, Garam Masala, Basmati Rice. 

Soy Sauce (dark and light), Wasabi Paste, Sesame Oil, Fish Sauce, Hoi Sin Sauce, Rice Wine Vinegar, Sesame Seeds, Selection of Noodles, Thai Curry Paste, Coconut Milk.

Tomato Puree, Garlic, Red Wine, Olive Oil, Dried Mixed Herbs, Dried Oregano, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Selection of Pasta, Arborio Rice, Parmesan (in the fridge), Mozzarella (in the freezer, defrost 3 hours before using). 

Smoked Parprika, Kidney Beans, Cumin Seeds, Cayenne Pepper, Dried Chilli, Tortilla Wraps, Tabasco. 

Other Necessities:
Chopped Tin Tomatoes, Lea and Perrins, Red and White Wine Vinegar, Mustard, Flours, Sugars, Selection of Seeds, Cous Cous, Quinoa, Honey, olive/rapeseed/vegetable oil. 

Stick to this, and you will always have enough flavoursome treats available to knock up an amazing meal, ready for after work or dreaded impromptu guests! 


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